TL6 Trocadores de Calor a Placas Gaxetado


Processos de aquecimento e resfriamento em geral.


  • Pressão de projeto: 16 bar
  • Vazão máxima: 72 m³/h
  • Conexões: 2” ANSI 150#
  • Placas: Aço inox 316
  • Gaxetas: NBR, EPDM

General heating and cooling duties.

Standard design

The plate heat exchanger consists of a pack of corrugated metal plates with portholes for the passage of the two fluids between which heat transfer will take place.

The plate pack is assembled between a fix frame plate and a movable pressure plate and compressed by tightening bolts.

The plates are fitted with a gasket which seals the interplate channel and directs the fluids into alternate channels. The number of plates is determined by the flow rate, physical properties of the fluids, pressure drop and temperature program.

The plate corrugations promote fluid turbulence and support the plates against differential pressure.
The plate and the pressure plate are suspended from an upper carrying bar and located by a lower guiding bar, both of which are fixed to a support column.

Connections are located in the frame plate or, if either or both fluids make more than a single pass within the unit, in the frame and pressure plates.

Typical capacities
Liquid flow rate
Up to 20 kg/s (317 gpm), depending on media, permitted pressure drop and temperature program.

Plate types

Frame types
FM, FG and FD

Working principle

Channels are formed between the plates and the corner ports are arranged so that the two media flow through alternate channels. The heat is transferred through the plate between the channels, and complete counter-current flow is created for highest possible efficiency. The corrugation of the plates provides the passage between the plates, supports each plate against the adjacent one and enhances the turbulence, resulting in efficient heat transfer.

Frame plate
Mild steel, Epoxy painted

Carbon steel
Metal lined: Stainless steel, Titanium
Rubber lined: Nitrile, EPDM
Pipe: Stainless steel

Stainless steel Alloy 316 / Alloy 304 Titanium,
Alloy 254 SMO, Alloy C-276

Nitrile, EPDM, HeatSeal™, HNBR, Viton®G


Pressure vessel codes, PED, ASME, pvcALS™
Mechanical design pressure (g) / temperature

  • FM pvcALS™ - 1.0 MPa / 180ºC
  • FM PED - 1.0 MPa / 180ºC
  • FG pvcALS™ - 1.6 MPa / 180ºC
  • FG PED - 1.6 MPa / 180ºC
  • FG ASME - 150 psig / 320ºF
  • FD pvcALS™ - 2.5 MPa / 180ºC
  • FD PED - 2.5 MPa / 180ºC
  • FD ASME - 300 psig / 320ºF


  • Pipe connections (not for frame type FD)
  • Straight threaded Size 50 mm ISO G2”, NPT 2”
  • Threaded inlet port Size 50 mm ISO G2”
  • Straight threaded Size 65 mm ISO G2 ½”, NPT 2 ½”

Flange connections

  • FM pvcALS™ Size 50 / 65 mm DIN/GB/GOST PN16, ASME Cl.150
  • FM PED Size 50 / 65 mm DIN PN16, ASME Cl. 150
  • FG pvcALS™ Size 50 / 65 mm DIN/GB/GOST PN16, ASME Cl. 150
  • FG PED Size 50 / 65 mm DIN PN16, ASME Cl. 150
  • FG ASME Size 50 - 65 ASME Cl.150
  • FD pvcALS™ Size 50 / 65 mm DIN/GB/GOST PN40, ASME Cl.300
  • FD PED Size 50 / 65 mm DIN PN40, ASME Cl. 300
  • FD ASME Size 50 / 65 mm ASME Cl. 300
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